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Where Does A Parent Begin To Prepare A Child For The Future?

Parents need to have direction. They must have very clear goals and expectations for their children as well as for themselves. It wasn't always that way.

There are two fundamental areas a parent has to first be clear about to achieve success with their child as well as with themselves. 1) their own life goal and purpose is clear, and 2) to know their child's potentials in life. That means the up's and down's, the strengths and weaknesses of what their child is capable of, both the desirable and undesirable. This is one of the main steps to building truly positive children parent relationships.

The concept of knowing a child's potential is new to the Western world and it is the way for children (and parents) to be successful in the future.

Knowing a child's potentials is a completely new way of looking at and planning a child's life. Even the concept of planning a child's life direction may cause a few eyes to roll or heads to shake in disbelief. But it is knowing the potentials that greatly determine the goals and path a child would do best on. Like a ship setting sail in the ocean must have a rudder and navigational tools to smoothly pass through any turbulence and reach it's destination. So we must have navigation and know a child's destination. That can be called their destiny, and it is not as mysterious as one may think.

The Academy of Potential Education has demystified the concept of potentials and destiny and has solutions for strengthening children parent relationships.

How Can A Parent Prepare For The Future?

Parents can start learning about the future (how can a parent prepare for the future) and building their own energy capacity. In this way they will be more prepared with the tools they need to meet the needs of the future. Not only for their children, but for themselves as well. Parents should prepare themselves because children are wanting to be more independent now and will be much more independent in the future.

To start learning and training and preparing for the future rather than waddling in the present or even worst thinking about the past... this is one step parents can do now. Become life-long learners in the true sense of the word. Always research what is new and upcoming, and apply it to their life.

Young adults who are thinking about having children should especially learn about and prepare for the future (Link to "Health Before Birth" page). They will benefit greatly if they learn about universe energy and how it works. Young adults can start to discover what their own unique potentials are in life and how to fulfill them. The Academy of Potential Education "Career Design Program" (Link to ) is a great tool for doing that.

Directing Children Into The Future, Not The Past

Parents should always have positive direction for their kids. That doesn't mean that parents are to just boss their kids around-- that's not part of strengthening children parent relationships. Rather they should provide the positive guidance and resources that help them gain lots of experience in successfully reaching goals. Parents should expect their kids to be positive all the time. That is a positive parent who does that.

Children's goals are (or should be) directly related to their weaknesses. In other words, their goals are in fact to overcome their weaknesses. Now, childrens primary weaknesses are either physical health, emotional strength, or mental clarity, yet these are all inter-related. So parent's should plan for and expect improvements in those areas.

Parents should be teaching and modeling healthy and positive goal setting as well as developing their children's inner qualities such as persistence, faith, resilience and determination.

What Can Parents Do To Improve Children Parent Relationships?

Many parents are facing a big problem these days. It seems that whatever they do their children don't react in the way that they expect them to. This is especially clear in the area of respect. We have met many parents who were genuinely surprised and confused at the lack of respect children have for them and other adults. And the irony is that the more they try to understand their children and give them what they want the less the children respect them.

Parents Are Confused About When To Be Strong With Their Children And When To Listen More To Them

On the one hand a lot of advice is now available for parents about how to bring up children and at the same time the children's rights movement has encouraged people to consult children much more about what they want. But we live in a fast moving, and fast changing, society where it is difficult to be sure that what you want now is going to be useful in the future. This has left parents in a vacuum - trying to prepare their children for a world about which they feel they know almost nothing. In this case the usual response is simply to do what you know. But now, more than ever before, doing what we know seems not to be working as well as it should.

It's not parents' fault that the children don't behave in the way that they expect. And it's not the teachers' fault or anybody else's fault. It's just we're in a society that is changing extremely fast and we're not figuring out what society will be like in 10 or 20 years.

Start A Parent's Debate On The Internet

Parents need to start a debate among parents and educators about what the future may look like. Even if we can't be very sure about it at least it would start people thinking about it rather than relying on the present or the past, as we do at the moment. Even some sense of the future starts us thinking about what kinds of qualities children will need to handle the challenges they are likely to face and become successful. This would make a better foundation for decisions about upbringing and education than anything we know about the present.

It is a good idea to start a debate on the internet because it is relatively democratic. A lot of people have access to the internet and it is an easy forum for expressing opinions. But discussion has little value without action. It is time that families and schools emerge from the debate/discussion with the courage and vision to create new kinds of upbringing and education specifically geared to the future. It is beginning to happen in a few pockets. A lot of experimentation is needed, which is frightening for parents and teachers but great experience for the children. When the world is changing fast we need to change fast too in order to create the future we want.

Don't Children Naturally Know What They Need?

If children are truly raised naturally, then yes, they instinctively know what they need to a certain degree. But children have not been, and are currently not raised naturally. Although sometimes children are well connected with universe energy and can access many answers, it is incorrect to think that they know and express what is best for themselves on a consistent basis.

In the future, children will access answers and knowledge that is fresh and true. Education as we know it now is in the process of revolution (See The Learning Revolution - link: and is slowly evolving to meet the rising demand of the future. Kids education will be less academically driven as we know it now, and more about building natural health, happiness, peace, and then special abilities and wisdom. It will be a new level of morality and consciousness and the children will have a more vital and respected role than current.

What Can Kids Do Now For Success In The Future?

Kids can begin by demanding more natural and healthy education and can start learning about the future. Since it is known that where you place your energy and attention is where you receive benefits from, it makes sense to look to the future and investigate about the future.

The challenge here is that kids now are generally lacking in physical health, emotional strength and mental clarity required to develop the kind of connection to universal energy that will help them to really taste the future lifestyle. It takes leaders and mentors to personally help kids to develop the skills they need for the future.

Kids should be more happy and expressive. They should be active and creative all the time... never worrying or feeling negative. They also should begin learning how to clear their mind and develop relaxation skills. Communication is another area for them to start developing. They need to be brave to be more honest, sincere, and humble.

They can become more successful financially and develop their own businesses and creative ventures. With business comes greater responsibility and challenge to do their best. They need to set goals and learn how to reach those goals despite any obstacles.

They can develop more intuitive skills and communication abilities with angels and the higher energetic realms for guidance and problem solving.

They can start developing their early health prevention skills and their healing abilities using their current health issues as a learning tool - they can heal themselves of physical problems.

So overall, kids need to establish a higher level of physical, emotional and mental health and well-being to achieve future success. How can they do that? With the support of a system that includes positive children parent relationships and that develops the higher level of qualities of human living. So what we need is a system for the kids to develop in... they can't do it on their own. - © Sarah McCrum 2009 -